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Samantha Dubberly

For Central Georgia EMC | Board of Directors (Post 2)

My hope as your representative is simple. My plan is to hold Central Georgia EMC accountable to its members while educating stakeholders and developing programs that will elevate all Central Georgia EMC members.

Samantha’s Platform

Qualifications What qualifies me to run for this position extends beyond a bullet point list. I am not an investor. I am not a powerful figure or a business person. I am not rich. I am your neighbor, friend, and family member that struggles month to month like everyone else. I work a full-time blue-collar job and will continue to do once elected. I am a mother who is concerned about the future. I am you. As your representative, I am dedicated to bringing positive change to all communities that Central Georgia EMC serves.

Platform Currently, Central Georgia EMC provides service to 15 rural counties located in the heart of Georgia. Rural areas are often overlooked, forgotten, and discredited. As someone born, raised, and still lives in the beautiful heartland of Georgia, I want to make sure our concerns are heard and our ideas are implemented. Most of all, I want each rural member of the 15 counties I will serve to have the knowledge, power, and ability to reduce their bill, make their home energy efficient, take advantage of member-owned benefits, and consistently receives clear, honest communication.

Financial Impact Budget accountability plays a huge role in helping reduce customer rates. By examining the budget for over expenditures, unnecessary spending, and focused investment we can reduce our cost of operations and pass the savings down to each member. As your representative, I will make sure all members are informed and are taking advantage of government lead programs that are designed to decrease monthly bills for senior citizens and those living on a fixed income.

Energy Efficiency Because most members do not know that Central Georgia EMC offers a rebate program for members who use EnergyStar-qualified appliances. This program is designed to promote customer savings while reducing electrical waste. Central Georgia’s EMC’s Load Management Switch program could see rebates as high as $400.00. It is my goal to take Central Georgia further into environmental consciousness by exploring available grants for renewable energy systems. In 2021, biomass, solar energy, and hydroelectric power provided 12% of the net energy generated in Georgia. Under my leadership, we will explore more options to not only reduce waste but also reduce consumption.

Member Involvement The majority of the members of Central Georgia EMC do not know the vital role they play in the growth and prosperity of OUR company. Getting more members involved in the decision-making process by hosting community engagement events and workshops will be my top priority. Most member benefits are going unused, and as a member-owned company, that needs to change.

Transparency Last summer rates dramatically increased, and to some, without notice. The company sent out emails explaining the huge increase, but most members were uninformed. By understanding the needs of the members they serve, Central Georgia EMC would better serve its members and increase member trust. When I am elected, I plan on streamlining communication by gathering information from all counties and then creating paths of communication that make sense to members, not what is convenient to the company.

You may not know it, but you are actually an owner of your electricity company, not just a customer. As an owner, your vote determines who represents you in leadership.

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